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Zero tolerance is a policy developed and endorsed by the Rocky Mountain House & District Minor Football Association. It deals with parents, players and coaches who show disrespect to all other on and off field officials, players, parents and coaches.  The executive expects its members, staff, and participants to exhibit qualities of leadership which promotes sportsmanship and appropriate behaviour towards all others: opponents, teammates, game officials and spectators.  It is recognized from time to time, disciplinary action may be necessary for behaviour which does not meet the acceptable standards.


Any verbal abuse or physical gestures designed to intimidate or disrespect others will be penalized. The following behaviours are not acceptable. 

Any obvious attempt to:

  • intimidate another

  • cause abuse or disrespect by others

  • challenge the authority or competence of another

  • embarrass another

  • direct derogatory personal comments or gestures at another


Disciplinary action may be applied and may take the form of:

                        1) A verbal reprimand

                        2) A written reprimand

                        3) A suspension

                        4) An expulsion

                        5) Any combination of the above

Zero Tolerance Policy

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