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Welcome to Rocky Minor Football - Home of the JR Rebels. Here you will find the forms and information you will need to register for the upcoming season. We are excited about the new season and are looking forward to welcoming all returning players as well as new additions to the team!

Our Association Fees are listed below as well as what is included in your registration. It is very important to us that all children who would like to play the sport be given the opportunity...we will accept post-dated cheques as well as payment arrangement if needed.  We do accept etransfer, please contact Marliss at for more information.

To access Registration Documents and Important Policies, please clink the following links:



Player registration includes:

  • Use of equipment including Helmet, Shoulder pads, girdle, pants, mouthguard, Game and Practice Jersey (Player is responsible for providing cleats)

  • League membership fees, Football Alberta membership and Insurance ($85 - non refundable)

  • Spring training camp (in May), regular season training and games (August to November), certified coaching

  • All reffing fees



We ask that each player submit a cheque in the amount of $100 to ensure the care of equipment through the season. At the end of the season, the equipment is to be washed, dried and returned. Any unwashed, missing, or damaged items will result in a penalty taken from the equipment bond. Once all the equipment has been returned, the cheque will be refunded; or rolled over into the next season. If we do not receive the equipment back, then the equipment deposit cheque will be go towards replacement of that equipment. * This fee needs to be paid before the athlete will receive equipment. *


There are over 150 volunteer positions required per season. If every family fills at least 2 major, and 3 minor volunteer positions, there should be enough hands to go around. To ensure that everyone helps out, we require a $250 volunteer deposit.  Upon completion of the season, and ensuring that all volunteer commitments have been met, we will refund or roll over the cheque into next season.  If your volunteer commitments are not met, your cheque will be forfeited to the association.  



There are about $5000.00 in additional costs each year due to player/coach development, administration costs, advertising, facility rental fees, etc. If every player raises $200 in additional funding we can continue to provide a superior program. 

All players and families registered with Rocky Mountain House & District Minor Football Association must participate in the Jr Rebels Promotion Card sales.  This is the major fundraiser for the season.  This fundraiser keeps fees reasonable and helps supply quality equipment for the players.  Therefore it is mandatory that all players/families participate fully.  


Every family will receive 10 cards per registered player valuing $20 each.  Families will be required to sell all the cards.   All money should be turned in to your team manager before September 14th.


If you change your mind about registration up until September 15, the registration fee less $85 will be refunded.  If you decide to withdraw from the program after September 15th, no refund will be issued. A player will not be considered for a refund until notice of withdrawal from the program is received and equipment is returned in clean condition. Rocky Minor Football incurs expenses early on before the regular season starts. Some of these include insurance costs and League fees. It is for that reason we are unable to issue a full refund in some cases.

If you have any questions please contact 
Lindsay Wuth at

Thanks! Message sent.


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