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The following Rules will govern the conduct of each and every player in the Rocky Minor Football Association. The Player Code of Conduct is as follows: 

Our policy can be summed up in one word; RESPECT.


A Player will at all times conduct him or herself in a manner that shows respect for teammates, opponents, referees, coaches, trainers, fans, property and the game of football.

A Player who:

  • Utilizes tobacco in any form whatsoever;

  • Consumes alcoholic beverages

  • Utilizes profane or abusive language;

  • Bullies or intimidates others verbally, by physical force or by electronic or other means of communication;

  • Destroys property belonging to another person;

  • Commits any other act which the Executive deems detrimental to the Association or its objectives;


May be suspended or expelled from Rocky Minor Football Association, with or without warning by the President.  There is no appear process, the decision of the President is final.  The player/family are not entitled to any form of refund and must return all association owned property and equipment immediately upon dismissal.



Players are expected to:

  1. Comply and obey all reasonable directions of the coach and team officials providing such directions are within the expected moral, ethical or religious standards;

  2. Comply with all Association, League, Football Alberta rules;

  3. Arrive for games, practices, and other team functions at the time designated by the team;

  4. Demonstrate respect for the game officials, teammates and opposing players by refraining from use of profanity, verbal, physical and other abuse at all times;

  5. Maintain dressing rooms in a clean and orderly fashion. Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated.

Player Code of Conduct

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