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Parent responsibilities are centered on commitment and support to the player, the sport of football, the association and the community. You as a parent, have not only made a commitment to your child, but have made a commitment to the coaching staff and the other players on a team that are counting on your child’s commitment to the team. It is difficult for a coach to develop a team when some players are continually missing practices and/or games. Football is a TEAM sport; each player is a valuable member and contributes to the team and to the development and enjoyment of each player on the team. The team also relies on parents to assist the team throughout the season in various roles and to serve as positive support and encouragement to players before and after games and practices.


Parent Code of Conduct:

  1. A parent/guardian should be in attendance at practice or reachable by phone in case of emergency. Team Staff remain at the field until every player is picked up so please arrive on time.

  2. Only players and staff are permitted on practice and game fields. Trainers will handle injuries and coaches will coach the team. If the assistance of a parent is required they will be notified by a staff member or game official. Parents will not address coaches and or officials on the game field.

  3. Parents will comply by the Rocky Mountain House & District Association Communication Policy in regards to absences from games or practices due to illness or other commitments as well as grievances.

  4. Zero tolerance will be taken with respect to any abuse of our team staff, players, coaches, board members and officials.

Parent Code of Conduct

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