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Communication is an integral part of ensuring a successful football season.  We have set up some guidelines that must be adhered to by parents, coaches and players alike.


All team information, will be passed onto parents through the team managers.  Managers will use their choice of medium to facilitate communication.  Parents are to communicate to the managers if players are late or absent for practices.


From time to time, issues can arise.  If issues arise, from the parents’ perspective, in regards to a coach, another player or an association member, parents must wait 24 hours and then contact the parent liaison for their team.  The parent liaison will then set up and facilitate a meeting between the individuals for whom an issue has arose.


Sometimes issues can arise from a coach’s perspective, as well.  Coaches will use the same methods as parents and contact the parent liaison to facilitate a meeting with the parents of the athlete(s) involved.  


*** Please note that the Parent Liaison has the authority to terminate a meeting if not going well.  The Parent Liaison will also inform the Vice President of any parent communication or meeting, as well as has the authority to involve the executive board and or designate, where they see fit. ***



Parent Liaison – Structure


Bantam Team - Parent Liaison is the Peewee Manager

Peewee Team - Parent Liaison is the Atom Manager

Atom Team - Parent Liaison is the Bantam Manager

Communication Policy

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